Diplomatic secularism practiced since ages

Are we becoming increasingly fanatical on religious issues? Probably yes. But whom to blame for this? I feel that it is our selective secularism. In one of my previous blog posts, I have harshly been critical about the Dadri lynching. I’m always been vocal against the dissection amongst fellow-citizens on religious grounds. Hopefully all and sundry would unanimously agree that it isn’t the first casualty of bigotry in our country.

These tragedies are like infrequent opportunities for the politicians to milk the situation for their own vested interests. One political outfit will polarize the voters and the other will act as the messiah of the minorities. It has always been a twenty-twenty competition between the parties. Both have their vested interests. We have reached such an era that expecting something from elected representatives is like beating against the bush.

But what about the media trying to score its brownie points on the cataclysm? They are competing with each other on the TRPs. Who can embellish the incident better? It is their moral responsibility to let us know about the misdemeanours of the bigots. The bigger tragedy is that in identical situations they had displayed the same sense of accountability.

In 2013 a TMC Rajya Sabha MP Ahmed Hasan Imran was accused of fuelling communal flare-up in Canning in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. He was alleged of arming and sending 5000 men from Kolkata to ransack houses and set them on fire in Nalliakhali village under Canning Subdivision. Over 200 houses were burned down in the communal tension.
Read more at: http://www.oneindia.com/kolkata/saradha-scam-was-accused-tmc-mp-responsible-for-2013-communal-riots-1521324.html

When questioned about the cover-up a leading news media channel rebutted that it was their proactive effort to ensure communal harmony isn’t compromised at. I totally support their claims. These incidents shouldn’t be allowed to be sensationalized. Then why is the fanaticism at UP publicized? My observation is that the neighbouring state Bihar is heading for assembly elections where schism amongst caste, creed and religion decides the fate of the political parties. The media is playing hands in glove with them. Definitely, the hardliners can prove how vulnerable their religion is. The others will benefit out of the rupture as they will showcase themselves as the saviour of the minorities.

I’ve full faith in our leaders that this isn’t going to be the last communal killing. Till date how many engineers of communal clashes have been arrested? Has anybody faced any trial? Who all keep on fuelling these tensions? All the culprits are safe and untouched. The poor and have-nots are there to suffer everything.


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