Sham and Scam—————- A reputation which is jeopardizing the prospect of the industry

Spending more than a decade in the ITES industry in India gives you ample insight into the ways things are conducted in the business. One thing I must say that the reputation I’ve earned in the industry clearly outshines the currency that I’ve earned. Tenure of one-third of a decade with the most widely recognized global brand and seven and half years as a trainer has exposed me to the big shots of the industry.  I’m really grateful to each and every senior of mine from whom I learnt the art of professionalism. I’ve no hesitation in calling it an art because most working individuals I come across boast of themselves as hardcore professionals but they are not.

I’ve seen a lady almost my age as my senior who had an ageing father at home and a growing daughter. She used to swipe her card by eight in the morning and leave the premises after midnight and she used to stay approximately twenty to twenty-five kilometres from the office.  Doesn’t she like her family or doesn’t she have any proximity to her close ones? I never asked her because it was inconsequential for me. That’s how I developed my acumen. Countless juniors who had joined after me, had learnt the nitty-gritty of the sector.

Was every senior as competent as the lady? No very shortly I got a moron as my reporting structure. Things got so bitter that I started contemplating resignation. It did work in my favour as I became a trainer but with a different organization. This is when the wheels of fortune changed for me. I have trained close to three thousand trainees for the industry. Many of them are on track with their own set-ups. I feel proud of their achievements. I feel that I exist with them. It doesn’t undermine their feats under any circumstances. I can say that at one crucial point in time I have mentored them.

Over the last six years, I could see a vicious trend of swindling. Many companies which are based out of this city are simply creating hoax by dodging. That could’ve been averted a long back. I myself have got entailed with some of these fraudsters but didn’t earn a penny by ripping off any naive. That’s probably the reason why some acquire respect and some never. And I’m definite that they will die being abhorrent. They are oblivious to any process that is lawful. They don’t know how to handle novices and freshers. They anticipate far too many things from an unsullied out of college and searching for opportunities. These scumbags know only how to demoralize and humiliate a rank newcomer.

But what astonishes me the most is that they love to jump the gun. They have never worked in any process which could be termed as legitimate and they have an uncanny knack of certifying the seasoned performers in the industry. It is their extreme fortune that they have ever met someone who is a brand name in the industry and it will take them another life to be on par with them. I heard a bugger attesting a veteran. But why did he do it? Maybe he assumed that his verbal certificate carries heavier weight than the mementoes or the documented credentials from the top brands in the industry. Poor He! I can only sympathize with the sick mortal and pray for his quick recuperation.


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