Downfall of the ITES in Bengal


Approximately three years back, I had authored a blog on the rampant scams prevalent amongst a new breed of companies operating as BPOs. To be very honest these very companies hardly follow any ethical practices imperious for running a business. They believe in quick bucks by duping the naive non-tech savvy overseas customers. It all started years back, ever since some manipulative minds realized the long term potential of the unscrupulous practice.

One might wonder- “How come they are called BPOs then?” Well, the answer is simple. A close-ended question was apt. And the answer would be no. Rather the misguided question should have been- “Are they really BPOs?” Over the last five years, the quintessential IT companies are running their ITES arm as BPMs (Business Process Management). The inveterate chiselers have never received any outsourcing project from any entity. Who are their clients then? Are they captive ones? If yes, then which brand(s) are they catering to?


Yes! Now you get the contemptuous reply “MICROSOFT”. Ever since it started a decade and a half before, it was never expected to give a bad name to the IT industry to the extent as it is now. Who is to be blamed? All those cavalier minds who were keen to mint money deceitfully instead of earning them honestly. The end result is that the previously oblivious client base has become aware thanks to the rigorous campaign of their respective governments. Now no bonafide campaigns can be outsourced to any start-up, definitely not in Bengal.

Who are responsible? Can only the pettifoggers be held accountable? Certainly, it is not just they who have led to this situation. Also, race plays an important role. The quality of manpower has gone down drastically over the years. Adding salt to injury is the lackadaisical work culture common in this part of the country which deterred the aspiring companies from availing bountiful workforce. I remember when I joined the industry sixteen and a half years back. Speaking flawless and grammatical English in a neutralized accent was the key criteria. Any MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) or FLI (First Language Influence) were seriously dealt with. But over the last few years, the recruiters have started compromising on the quality of the candidates who all literally struggle to frame even a correct sentence. They can be accused too for bringing down the standard of the industry stooping to this level.


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