Hospitality training- an easy route to success

When you think about hospitality, the first thing that pops in your mind is hotels and their relentless warmth for their guests. A normal middle-aged person like me would like to ponder whether you need to groom and train a person to attain suitability for the hotel industry. Can anyone inculcate soft skills to an individual to such an extent that he/she will forget his/ her upbringing and conduct himself/herself in a way which is considered to be tailor-made as per the business ethics? If that is so then why not focus solely on soft skills/personality development/behavioural training?

The answer lies elsewhere. Closely on the heels of the IHMs run by the Ministry of Human Resources, some private players started tasting blood. Some of them are kicked out elements from the industry due to which they were thriving for a foothold. This trend of mushrooming private institutes started a couple of decades back. So it is quite imminent that the credibility of most of these establishments is sham. Let me make this clear at the very outset that not all are into fraudulent practices. Some are doing business in an unadulterated way but few are not. Here lies the conflict of vested interests. But that doesn’t deter the players from deceitful means. Most strikingly some do not have a proper affiliation at all. Claims are at times baked truth or false. But one appreciable component of their scheme is aggressive marketing that doesn’t fall short of fooling the unqualified creed of guardians who aren’t at all informed about the trustworthiness of these centres. That is where they are used as scapegoats after they are convinced that these colleges will secure the career of their respective wards.

Gradually the hospital management itinerary was initiated that added fuel to the fire. With the deplorable medical conditions prevailing everywhere, it is presumed that a hospital management graduate can reduce our woes to a large extent. Just one placement of my kin will ensure a five-star treatment of an ailing family member. Also, the booming nursing homes seem to fulfil our dreams to reality.

Can one imagine an education institute providing MBA degree to its students in a city, but the so-called affiliated university is located in a different state? The core issue is that the parents are so ill-informed about the nitty-gritty of the edification system that they fall prey to these predators. Throughout the course, these very sentinels are milked like hell and are charged penalties at the drop of a hat. Grooming seems like torture. Faculties resemble tormentors and that includes the ones like me too. Students are kept engaged with some c0-curricular activities or other completely ignoring studies. Teachers face the major challenge in completing their respective modules. The rebuttals provided by their employers are to garner the attention of the industry honchos so that they consider the institute as a possible domain for headhunting. Industrial training seems bizarre for most.

Now comes the concluding part which is placement. Yes most institutions are providing them but there is nothing called job satisfaction, job security, sense of belongingness and the careers seem to end frustratingly.

So before taking a decision about your son or daughter do thorough research on the institute you are sending your children to. Look before you leap. Do not fiddle with the career of your wards. Again I am assertive enough to claim that most of these institutes are genuine but many are not.



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